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  Silicon Nitride 6 volt  
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Silicon Nitride 6volt

Our innovative 6 volt elements offer endless possibilities for portable applications. Their low voltage enables them to be run from a small 6v battery pack, eliminating the need for bulky power sources or mains electricity. For a range of applications including barbeques, RV and micro turbines for radio controlled jet aircraft, they are the complete compact and lightweight solution.

Mini-lite™ igniters are designed for easy handling, simple installation and trouble-free operation. A shield can be used in the design if required but in many cases it is not necessary as the igniter is very robust unlike Silicon Carbide products. Mini-lite™ infrared gas igniters have been designed to work with the bi-metal safety valves which have been specifically calibrated to work with our igniter product range. The valves must be the model specifically manufactured and calibrated for the mini-lite™ infrared gas igniter.

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