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  glo-stix 120-160 igniter  
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Time to 1200C: > 6.0 seconds @ 120 volts

Cold Resistance: 15-30 Ohms @ 25C

Rating Voltage: 120 volts +10% -15%

Nominal Voltage: 120 volts

Power Rating: 120-160 Watts

Rated Temp: 1250C

No of cycles: normally exceeds 200,000


This igniter replaces Silicon Carbide igniters in any situation where line voltage is required. It will work with any existing Gas Boiler, Furnace, Dryer or Heater using standard or mini Hot Surface Igniters (or Glow Bars), being compatible with all controller systems. It has been designed to handle the normal fluctuations of line voltage without any loss of performance or safety and does not require any specialist controller for its operation.


Specification document 676K

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