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Crystal-Technica Hot Surface Igniters and Heating Elements  
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Crystal-Technica has developed a heating and ignition element using advanced Infrared ceramic techniques. Silicon Nitride provides a robust solution for range, cooktop, dryer, boiler and scientific markets and biomass

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Nitride overview

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  download   Manufacturing process Biomasse-Glühzünder (deutsch)
  download   Manufacturing process biomass igniter flyer
  download   Manufacturing process biomass igniter specifications
download   Manufacturing process 'R' type pellet stove igniter specification
download   Manufacturing process

'P' type pellet stove heater specifications

  download  Nitride overview Nitride upgrade overview document 800K
  download  Manufacturing process Manufacturing process document 1.3mb
      Cooktop gas ignition videos, the following three links show igniters in action. (.wmv files playable with windows media player)
  movie flame sensor in action lame sensor in action
  movie small cook top burner small cooktop burner
  movie larger wok cooktop burner larger wok cooktop burner
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